Pictures Of Supermax Prison Where Mexican Drug Lord joaquin el chapo guzman will Spend rest of his life

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Mexican drug lord p was Wednesday sentenced by a federal judge in Brooklyn to life in prison, marking a humiliating end for a drug lord widely said to be notorious for his ability to kill, bribe or tunnel his way out of trouble. The judge added THIRTY MORE YEARS to the life in prison. This is serious!

Guzman will end up at the federal government’s “Supermax” prison in Florence, Colorado, known as the “Alcatraz of the Rockies.”


Colorado’s bleak Supermax prison is where the United States incarcerates the ‘worst of the worst’ criminals.

Most inmates at Supermax are given a television, but their only actual view of the outside world is a 4-inch window. They have minimal interaction with other people and eat all their meals in their cells.

Before his sentencing, Guzman complained about the conditions of his confinement and told the judge he was denied a fair trial. He alleged that the U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan failed to thoroughly investigate claims of juror misconduct.

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