Loom Money Nigeria: Things You Need To Know About Loom Money Nigeria, How It Work, Registration 2019

May 02
12:17 2019

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Loom Money Nigeria: Things You Need To Know About Loom Money Nigeria, How It Work, Registration

Loom is a peer to peer, pyramid scheme program not run by an independent organization. It follows the traditional pyramid system of other such systems i.e MMM etc and has just recently come into limelight.

Now to the big question on your mind, should you invest in it? Well to my knowledge at this point in time it is a thriving network with constant proof of reliability.


But even so it still remains a pyramid scheme, it favors some and others not so much, in any case caution is needed. If I were to lend a word of advice I would say invest the base payment of 2k, get paid and then decide the path to take(whether to continue or not) still keeping at that 2k mark. If in the event you decide to invest further please remember to only invest money you are ok with losing.

 Here Are Things You Need To Know About Loom Money Nigeria

Basically you invest Naira into your loom account.

There are four four levels  Purple, Blue, Orange and Red

Each time 8 people join the loom, The person in the center (Red) will get target amount and leave.

The loom will then split into two groups. The top half and the bottom half become the new looms and everyone moves into the next level (Purple Level – into Blue Level – Into Orange Level) and the cycle begins again


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  1. Loom Sounds Like Doom
    Loom Sounds Like Doom May 02, 22:09

    So after the MMM hurricane damage on Nigerians which brought suicide, destruction of hope and life to a lot of us, another one is out here to cause more damage and it is called Loom Money. This is a scam and so many people will end up committing suicide at the end of it. It is asking for your N500, N1000, N2000 or N13,000 to give you money that even Satan didn’t promise Jesus… I wonder why you are this greedy to buy this fake scam news and put your money to it. The truth is, the greed in you might have destroy the senses in you so there is little to nothing anyone can tell you for you to stay away. You might just consider reducing the amount you want put and decide to put small money, the greed-demon in you will still betray you no matter what anyone tells you.

    Yes it does, some people will get the money they promised so it would look real why some people are the one to be used to pay others. The person you are going to pay your money into their account, you don’t know them. This is pure scam and your greed would become a spell on you that you would use the word *At least I fit do small, when they pay me i will run. At least na just 1k, na just 2k, make I try…* Mumu, call your lost spirit back and give yourself brain.

    Nobody is taking responsibility of this company. Absolutely nobody. Loom money is a crime and nobody wants to claim it. But you will see people paying money to different people and most of the account numbers you will be given are from those running this criminal business. And 80% of the money paid in everyday goes to them.

    There has been just 2 Online money making platform in Nigeria that has proud owners who stand by their business.
    1. NNU, it is owned by Paul Samson, this site paid a lot of people, thousands of people before it started having challenges. The registration fee fee is N1,600. The owner was publicly seen and always there to show himself, video, pictures and more and he participated in many NGO activities and helping the needy. Paul Samson ran many businesses online which includes E-Boss, CoolNaira and more. His initiative was amazing although NNU happened to hit a stone while growing. I respect Paul Samson.

    2. Hyceinth Ekwenze, owner of, this is actually the strongest online money making platform whose idea was uniquely brought to existence. Hyceinth is co-owner of Airvibez Nigeria, principal founder of HoodBoss Entertainment, De Affluxes Hardes and Selfpaid Nigeria. He was formerly artistes/music promoter, a music/entertainment news bloggers before becoming one of Nigeria’s renowned technology entrepreneur. SelfPaid is currently functioning and growing bigger by the day with no bitter member. The site offers 3 registration plans which are Silver, Gold and Diamond and it is really very strong and reliable. You can watch this video

    Any Money Making platform with nobody responsible and accountable for it is a crime zone and many people might end up jumping into Lagoon. I hope the greedy demon in you shall be exorcised by my written truth.

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  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous May 04, 21:53

    LOOM is Bae it pay well and fast no one owns it and that the interesting part invest 2k and get 16k or 13k and make 104 call 07034980714 for more details if your interested

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