Moments, Moozlie (Nomuzi Mabena) Left Her Man Before Her Car Accident [VIDEO]

We earlier reported that popular female South African rapper, Nomuzi Mabena known by her stage name as Moozlie few minutes ago had an accident while live streaming on instagram and driving at the same time.


At the time of filling in his report we have not confirmed if she is ok.

Shortly after the tweet was sent, many people went into a frenzy praying that young Mabrrr is okay.

Below is a video showing the moment Moozlie left the scene she had a date with her man. it is believed that the incidence happened between there and her way home.

For all those saying Nomuzi wasn’t driving, her boyfriend Sbudaroc said he is going to see the boys then Nomuzi left alone after the date they had today

According to reports, Moozlie got drunk before tipping off home after her date night with her boyfriend.

Not only are you putting your life in danger but other road users too, this was a few moments before the accident.



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