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Sarkodie – Rush Hour Lyrics

Sarkodie – Rush Hour Lyrics
December 23
08:12 2018

Read Lyrics of rush hour by Ghanaian superstar rapper, Sarkodie. Rush Hour was released on 22nd December 2018.



Rush Hour Lyrics By Sarkodie



These niggas given me hard time

And am kinda sensitive its part of star sign

S3me  dropi punch P3, Me commiti mass crime

Kill niggas, that shit is part of my part time

Spending my last dime on rolling but thats fine

Cos half a milli anything time am dropping a hard line

What the fuck is there for me to prove, am not lying

Y’all niggas can take over the game when i stop crying

MikeMill, Niggas trying to put me in beast mode

Street niggas now violating the street code

Fuck it, just be dope

Just come and let me see you close

Your body, Your mind, Me am just trynna read both

Niggas are shallow

It’s because of all the fuckin people you follow

Organizing a gallo

You run away from your shadow

Niggas be throwing their arrow

They trynna get me wallow

Wo cash a wo de rushi no 3to tilapia w] Walo

me sr3 wo capo

Rap mu el capo

De3 me ba ab3y3 no nti me nua hy3 wo sap], mu nsuo

Y3 se y3, HWEHW3 me w] interco

Me me ntaa nsere, even my daughter they give tarco now!!

First let me break it down

Who’s the best in Africa, Who deserves the crown

It’s a conversation when the king is not around

You aint gonna understand shit! You like the way it sounds

Mehn i came in unanounce

Truth is, we got to decide who the shoe fits

Swag is impeccable, don’t compare me, You stupid

Way be the drums, i was still doing it at cool stick

Insecure niggas be kissing ass with blueticks

Am the realest, already told you

Do we go to go back and forth, am not suppose to

I stay relevant dawg, let me coach you

I the type of nigga you talk shit i approach you

The return of the realest

So what the deal is

This is the game of thrones, Me ne me killers

Mo mma me couple tequilas

I hope you feel this

We no be normal rappers, A bunch of Gorrillas

Me rap style Y3 heavy

Me squad ba a y3 study

Mo nny3 rady to beef, me ba titi koraa y3 petty

3ba na rap 3nka bi

Na kashahare y3 me mpena

Mo mo fr3 no rap na me fr3 no derby

Straight outta oven baby, Niggas is still hot

Ya no mo nte M’ase3, all the skills that i still got

Nka mo y3 me a anka seisei mmr3 yi you some pills pop

But at the age like when i rap mu chew scott

Been through the BS am still relevant

Errbody body get on their knees ladies and gentlemen

Boy copy me blueprint, i need some settlement

It’s rapperholic time baby, am in my element

The flow tight, my whole life, i chose mic and so nice

Murder the beat with no knife

Mo nny3, me level, Obidi leaving a dope life

Me nika k] W’akyi na W’antete, W’ajos pipe

A divine leader

I was born to do this and am still eager

Am always keeping it real and not crowd pleaser

Me kasa a y3 koom and listen to your class teacher

This is some suicide suit shit

Charley who’s that chick

Fr3 no na me, Whoever the true cup fit

M’ Arelaxi na me message two black

First question, Ohemaa do you suck

Sorry i don’t fuck with hoes

Me te strip club, but am still catching a Holy Ghost

Obi se Sarkodie Nrapi, well i guess its only those nigga a

Mo claimi designer polo nso mo Hy3 fos

The End!


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