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Ethnic Groups In Ghana And Their Languages



Ghana a nation on West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea has up to 37 Ethnic group and they all have different languages they speak. Ghana became the first sub-saharan African country to gain independence. In this article we are going to list out the Ethnic groups in Ghana and different languages they speak. continue reading below.


Ethnic Groups In Ghana And Their Languages

Akan People

The Akan people are a meta-ethnicity predominantly speaking Central Tano languages and residing in the southern regions of the former Gold Coast region in what is today the nation of Ghana and Ivory Coast. Akans who historically migrated from Ghana also make up a plurality of the populace in the Ivory Coast. Akan People speak Akan language.

Ewe People

The Ewe people are an ethnic group in Ghana. The largest population of Ewe people is in Ghana with people, and the second largest population in Togo with people. The Ewe people speak the Ewe language which belongs to the Niger-Congo Gbe family of languages.

Ga-Adangbe People

The Ga-Adangme, Gã-Adaŋbɛ, Ga-Dangme, or GaDangme is an ethnic group in Ghana. The Ga and Adangbe people are grouped respectively as part of the Ga–Dangme ethnolinguistic group. The Ga-Dangmes are one ethnic group that lives primarily in the Greater Accra, Eastern Region and the Volta Region of Ghana. Ga-Adangbe People Speak the Kwa language.

Ashanti People

The Ashanti are an ethnic group native to the Ashanti Region of modern-day Ghana. The Ashanti people speak the Asante Language. The language is spoken by over nine million ethnic Asante people as a first or second language. Asante is often assumed to mean “because of wars”.

Dagomba People

The Dagombas are an ethnic group of northern Ghana, with the population of 931,000. They inhabit the Northern Region of Ghana in the sparse savanna region below the sahelian belt, known as the Sudan. The Dogomba people speak the Dagbani language which belongs to the More-Dagbani sub-group of the Gur languages.

Fante People

The Faante are an ethnic group in Ghana. The Fante subgroup is mainly gathered in the central coastal region of Ghana, with some also in Ivory Coast. Originally, “Fante” referred to tiny states within a 50-mile radius of Mankessim.

Gurunsi People

The Gurunsi, or Grunshi, are a set of related ethnic groups inhabiting northern Ghana and south and central Burkina Faso. The Gurunsi People speak Gurunsi language.

Gonja People

Gonja are an ethnic group in Ghana. Gonja was a kingdom in northern Ghana founded in 1675 by Sumaila Ndewura Jakpa. The word can also refer to the people of this kingdom. The Gonja people speak Gonja language.

Konkomba People

The Konkomba people are a Gur ethnic group residing mainly in the Northern, Brong Ahafo, Volta, Eastern and Greater Accra Regions of Ghana. Konkomba people speak Konkomba language.

Ghanaian People

The Ghanaian people are a nationality originating in the Ghanaian Gold Coast. Ghanaians predominantly inhabit the republic of Ghana, and are the predominant cultural group and residents of Ghana, numbering 20 million people as of 2013. Ethnic Ghanaians make up 85.4% of the total population.

Nzema People

The Nzema are an Akan people numbering about 328,700, of whom 262,000 live in southwestern Ghana and 66,700 live in the southeast of Côte d’Ivoire. Nzema people speak Ewe language.

Mamprusi People

The Mamprusi, or Mamprussi, are an ethnic group of northern Ghana and Togo. There are some 220,000 Mamprusi living in Ghana and approximately 11,000 in Togo. Mamprusi people speak Mampruli, a Gur language.

Krobo People

The Krobo people are an ethnic group in Ghana. They are grouped as part of Ga-Adangbe ethnolinguistic group and they are also the largest group of the seven Dangme ethnic groups of Southeastern Ghana. The Krobo are a farming people who occupy Accra Plains, Akuapem Mountains and the Afram Basin. Krobo people speak Krobo language.

Nanumba People

The Nanumba people are an ethnic group whose traditional homeland is in the southeast of the Northern Region of Ghana. The Nanumba people speak Nanun, a Gur language.

Kusasi People

The Kusasi people are an ethnic group in northern Ghana and southern Burkina Faso. The Kusasi people speak Kusaal, a Gur language

Abron Tribe

The Abron or Bono are an Akan people of West Africa. They speak the Abron language. In the late sixteenth century, the Abron founded the Gyaaman kingdom as extension of Bono state in what is now Ghana. Abron people speak Akan language.

Dagaaba People

The Dagaaba people are an ethnic group located north of the convergence of Ghana, Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire. Dagaaba people speak the Dagaare language, a Gur language made up of the related Northern Dagaare dialects, Southern Dagaare dialects and a number of sub dialects.

Frafra People

Frafra is a colonialist term given to a subset of Gur peoples living in northern Ghana. The form Fare-Fare is now preferred. There are approximately 300,000 Frafra speakers. The larger group of Gurunsi peoples inhabit southern Burkina Faso and northern Ghana. Bolgatanga is the commercial center of the Frafra area. Frafra people speak Frafra language.


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