‘I Want To Report My Neighbors To EFCC. I Suspect They Are Yahoo Boys’

Hello good people in the house not to waste much time we have a good neighbor who parked out recently and was thinking our new neighbors would be better only for some low lives young boys of about 6 parking in (I dont need a prophet to tell me they are all Yahoo guys and ever since then it’s been hell for me as it’s just a two house joint bungalow)


they play musics on the highest volume from morning till night doing nothing meaningful, smoking high and just shouting like loosed animals have tried reaching out to my Landlord he came warned them and i’ve also tried voicing out to them but no changes hv seem to be in effect. mehn i’m really tired of all their shits have I ve taken to the net to search fr EFCC distress number in my state

I just need advice from people in the house cause i might on the other way round be shooting my self in the leg if I report those jobless rif rafts to EFCC having a fear EFCC might tip me out or just pack me among them


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