Who Are The Awa And Guaja Tribes? See Beautiful Pictures Of The World’s Most Endangered Tribes

Who Are The Awa And  Guaja Tribes? See Beautiful Pictures Of The World’s Most Endangered Tribes
October 04
12:47 2018

Who Are The Awa Tribes,Where Does The Awa Tribe Come From,What Do You Call A Person From Awa Or Guaja Tribe.


The Awa Tribe who are also called  Guaja, are  mainly hunters and gatherers making out much of their existence in the remote corners of the Amazon rainforest. There are only around 600 of them left, including about 100 who still have no contact with the outside world.

The group live in harmony with their surroundings but are at constant threat from companies and gangs who are seeking to clear the trees in their native land.

Pictures and footage captured by National Geographic shows the Awa living humbly among nature. They bathe in streams, eat what they hunt – such as deer and armadillo – wear animal skins and are marvellously untouched by modern life or technology.

The children play with wild monkeys while their mothers have even been known to breastfeed the animals until they are fully grown.

The Awa have been under threat for generations but life is getting increasingly perilous for them. Their battle to survive began when they were pushed to the brink of extinction by European colonialists who marched over to Brazil from the 16th century.

Ranchers then attempted to clear their land to farm and now they are at risk from illegal logging companies and gold prospectors attempting to make their money from the Amazon.

These images appear in the October issue of National Geographic, guest-edited by Mary McCartney, and the magazine reports that indigenous rainforest groups are becoming more confined to the forest core.

Some Awa have ventured a bit out of the forest and have moved to protected modern villages nearby. They are maintaining a more settled lifestyle and now act as intermediaries between their tribe and outsiders.

The Brazilian government has now stepped in to protect and preserve the group. In 1982, the Brazilian government received a loan of US$900 million from the World Bank and the European Union.

Pictures Of The Awa Tribes


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