Where In Nigeria Is Oguta Lake Located (Pictures)

October 10
00:18 2018

One major thing tourist go the complex for is to swim in the magnificent Oguta Lake, which is blue in nature and not salty. The Lake is excellent for swimming and sight seeing since there are no wild sea animals like crocodiles and hippos.


Another tourist attraction is the natural confluence of  Oguta Lake, which is blue and clear in nature  and the Urashi River also in Oguta, which is muddy in outlook. These two bodies of water never mixes up.

Where In Nigeria Is Oguta Lake Located On The Map with pictures, Where is the Largest Natural Lake In Imo State Located? – Oguta Lake is a lean ‘finger lake’ created by the holding back (Damming) of the lower Njaba River with alluvium.It is the largest natural lake in Imo State, Southeastern Nigeria; within the equatorial rainforest region of Niger Delta. Oguta Lake’s catchment area comprises the drainage area of the Njaba River and a part of the River Niger floodplain in the region south of Onitsha.


Where In Nigeria Is Oguta Lake Located

The lake is situated in Oguta about thirty miles (48.27 km) from the junction of the Ndoni and Orashi River.It is a fine piece of water, being about five miles (8.05 km) long from east to west and a mile and half (2.41 km) wide.The stream from Njaba River is the major inflow to Oguta Lake. The other 3 tributaries are Awbana, Utu and Orashi. The Orashi River flows past Oguta Lake in its southwestern portion.

Oguta Lake Confluence

In Oguta Lake, two angry rivers flow side-by-side without ever coming together.

Ogwuta Lake has an interesting story from the surface, you can distinguish between the two colours of Uhamiri and Urashi, flowing separately, never coming together It has been this way for as long as the people remember.

Oguta Lake is a lean finger lake formed by deposits of clay, sand, and silt that dammed the lower Njaba river.

At 8.05km long and 2.41 km wide, it is the largest natural lake in Imo, and the entire South-East of Nigeria.

Water flows into it mainly from the Njaba river and to a lesser degree, the Uhamiri, Awbana and Urashi rivers.

It is two of these rivers that flow side-by-side, parallel to each other, without ever coming together.

You can see it almost immediately on the surface of the lake, One flows in a shade of green, the other is brown.

Oguta Lake Pictures

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