Martin Leonard, 48yrs-old Dad Kills Himself After He Found Him Hanged (Pictures)

October 09
16:25 2018

A 48 year old man, Martin Leonard has killed himself after he couldn’t bear the loss of his son who died few  weeks ago.


He took his own life in the exact same spot he found his son dead just weeks earlier. Martin Leonard, 48, told his wife he couldn’t get the image of his son’s face out of his head after he found him hanged, Hull Coroner’s Court heard.


The dad-of-one killed himself on 9 April this year, after finding 21-year-old Macauley in his East Yorkshire bedroom on 7 March.


His mother Lisa said in an emotional statement on Monday: ‘Macauley was our world, he was our only boy.’

The father-of-one had tried to resuscitate his son after finding him in his bedroom on 7 March this year.

She continued:

‘Martin told me he found it difficult to get up to go work because he had worked all his life to provide for Macauley – and didn’t see much point in carrying on. ‘We didn’t talk about Macauley’s death much but went for walks together.

‘He said he couldn’t get the image of Macauley out of his head.’ Martin had told Lisa how he had knocked on his Macauley’s door at around 9pm, and when he didn’t get an answer, he assumed he was asleep in the room with his girlfriend.


However, he knocked again 10 minutes later after discovering that his son’s bedroom lights were still on. He entered the room and found Macauley. The inquest was told Macauley had recently ‘ended things’ with his long-term partner in January before his death.


Lisa said he had become more reserved and that she had even bought him herbal remedy anti-depressant St John’s Wort and believed ‘it had been working’. The pair had met outside his home to hand over a spare key to her car just three hours before Macauley took his own life.


The girlfriend said in a statement read out to the court: ‘We ended on good terms – we hugged hard before he went back in the house. Lisa said Macauley had become reserved after deciding to on a break from his longtime girlfriend ‘He said he wasn’t having a good day.


I said was that with work, and he said, “no” in himself. ‘But if I had believed he would have gone on to do what he did, then I wouldn’t have let him be alone and would have stayed with him.’ Plumbing supervisor Macauley had ‘planned’ his suicide but had not left a note, the inquest was told.

Humberside Police officer Jack Taylor said he was called to the family’s Shinewater Park home at 9.30pm. Giving evidence at the hearing, PC Taylor said: ‘There was no evidence of foul play, or third party involvement.’ Pathologist expert Dr Ian Richmond confirmed no alcohol or drugs were found in Macauley’s system and stated the young man had died as a result of ‘hanging’.


A coroner concluded that Martin killed himself because he couldn’t come to terms with his son’s death A coroner said Martin was struggling to come to terms with Macauley’s death. On 9 April, Lisa woke up at 4am and realised that Martin was not next to her. She went downstairs to find the door to their son’s room closed.

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