Is Cardi B A Blood Gang Member

Is Cardi B A Blood Gang Member
October 01
20:08 2018

Is Cardi B A Blood And Brim cult gang, Is Offset a Blood and Brim Gang member?

Cardi B finally opens up about her relationship with the Bloods and the Brims cult gang, in this interview the pop star revealed reasons why young girls should never join a Blood and Brim gang.


While Speaking with Caity Weaver in an extensive profile for GQ, world-dominating Cardi finally confirms what many have long speculated about: that she was part of the gang, in some ways still is, and has regrets as a result.

The singer said:

“When I was 16 years old, I used to hang out with a lot of”—agonizing, cliff-diver pause—”Bloods. I used to pop off with my homies. And they’d say, ‘Yo, you really get it poppin’. You should come home. You should turn Blood.’ And I did. Yes, I did.”

While not sour on her past identification as a Blood (“It’s almost like a fraternity, a sorority,” she says), Cardi B also wouldn’t recommend joining up, insisting that part of the reason she’s maintained her silence on the subject so far is “because I wouldn’t want a young person, a young girl, to think it’s okay to join it.”

“You could talk to somebody that is considered Big Homie and they will tell you: ‘Don’t join a gang.’ The person that I’m under, she would tell you, ‘Don’t join a gang.’ It’s not about violence. It’s just like—it doesn’t make your money. It doesn’t make your money. I rep it, because I been repping it for such a long time.”

So why break the news about her Bloods connection now? Because she’s crushing the game and doesn’t have to worry about her ties getting in the way of her success:

“People always be like, ‘Oh, Cardi never used to rep it when she wasn’t making music.’ Yeah, because I already got signed. I can do that now. I’m smarter than what people think. There’s so many things that I limited myself because I wanted a million-dollar contract. When I do interviews, I don’t talk about it, because I will lose my endorsements. But since the cat is out of the bag”—she throws up her small, barbecue-sauce-covered hands—”that’s how I feel. Why? For what? Why would you join a gang?”

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