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Finally Senator Ben Murray Bruce Reveals Why He Will Not Be Returning To The Senate In 2019



Senator Murray Bruce has finally revealed his reasons for withdrawing  from the race to the need to allow someone else from the constituency fly the banner of the PDP in 2019.

So, the “Common Sense” Senator, Ben Murray Bruce, won’t be returning to the red chambers come 2019.


This became public knowledge on Monday after he announced his withdrawal from the race to seek a second term as the senator representing Bayelsa East in the 2019 election.

According to Cable, Bruce made this known in a letter he wrote to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Monday, the eve of the senatorial primary election of PDP in the state.

Bruce attributed his withdrawal from the race to the need to allow someone else from the constituency fly the banner of the PDP in 2019.

But the media mogul turned politician, became a butt of snide remarks on the street of Twitter, where is also so popular.

Some of his followers on the platform taunted him and said he had been rejected by his people.

A follower, Kayode Ogundamosi tweeted: “@benmurraybruce abandoned his ambition to represent the Bayelsa East Senatorial District following WIDESPREAD REJECTION of his candidacy by the stakeholders of the district. Them no see Ben Bruce HARD-WORK and COMMON SENSE FOR @Twitter?”

Another Twitter user, Daddy D O tweeted: “Ben Bruce can now return to Silverbird and concentrate all his energy on repaying the N11 billion debt his company owes to AMCON and the Nigerian people.”

Yet another user, Adeola Mary Slessor said: “How to avoid public humiliation 101. Breaking, Mr @benmurraybruce applied common sense for the first time.”

But another Twitter user, who has an insider knowledge of the matter, Tabai Biboye, chided those criticizing the common-sense senator, saying it didn’t make sense to criticize him if he had resigned since people always lamented that politicians always refuse to step aside.

He said: “@benmurraybruce is trending on here as he has withdrawn from the Bayelsa East Senatorial race. To my greatest surprise, people have been condemning him. Most of you all are upset when a politician refuses to resign his post when being probed.”

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