Explain 5 Ways The Process Of Soil Formation

Explain 5 Ways The Process Of Soil Formation
October 01
13:50 2018

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Here i will try to explain the process of soil formation, What is Soil Formation is all about and Factors of soil formation. term soil is variously defined. this is because people with different view or out look and professions study and make use of the soil.

Generally, soil forming rocks and minerals and their particles broken off from rocks mix up with Organic matter to soil forming processes. the soil itself often forms a light superficial covering of the earth surface.

At times, the soil particles are removed in order to create or obtain a platform or surface for building houses and for constructing roads too. the purpose of doing this is to allow rocks that contain precious minerals which the geologist and mining engineers search for in the process may reached.


Question 2: Explain The Formation Of Soil

Soil is formed by weathering, wearing away and breaking down of rocks into fine particles. Soils are formed from rocks. When rainwater gets collected in pores (small holes) they crack the rocks in a number of pieces.

5 Factors Of Soil Formation

Five factors of soil formation are agents that contributes to soil formation and  i will explain in brief all this agents and their method of soil formation.

1 . Soil Topography

When we say Topography we refer to the surface of the earth crust such s Hills, Valleys, or Flats. the height, the inclination and exposure of the land influence the movement and amount of water in  the soil. water moves off very rapidly from hills there by encouraging surface erosion and gradual development of shallow soils will start forming too.

2 . Parent Material

Parent materials are the soil formationers, they are the particles or materials from which the original soil particles are formed, it may be from an organic origin as in organic soil (Histosol) or from an in-organic material as in most mineral soils.Parent materials influences the properties of soil formed not withstanding the origin of the material itself.

Examples Of Soil Formed By Parent Materials Includes:

  1. Granite
  2. Sandstone
  3. Shale
  4. Limestone

3 .Living Organisms

Formation of soil by Living Organisms are has been around since the creation of the universe, plants and animals inhabiting the soil surface help in breaking down soil parents materials as in roots of plants grow into openings in the rock and physically force the rocks to break apart into tiny pebbles of soil pieces. the plants root also contributes to the break down of the rock by sending out chemical substances which gradually dissolves the parent rocks to form soil. man and bigger animals also help to form soil from rocks by trampling on rocks and soil thereby disintegrating them.

4. Climatic Effects

Climatic factors contributes also in the soil formation, the average weather condition of  a place over a long period of time (Temperature) can create a huge difference in soil formation. the components of climate include: Temperature, Rainfall, Relative Humidity, Sunshine, Wind and Pressure.

High temperatures and rainfall in tropics has encouraged rpid chemical and physical breakdown  of parent materials to form soil. to this also has produced high profile of soil formation.

5 . Time

Time in formation of soil refers to the period that has passed since formation factors started to act on the parents materials as we all it  takes time for soil particles to form.

A parent material which has in recent time experienced the actions of agents of soil formation will in a distant time start yielding soil particles as a result of trigger from the agents. So time influences soil formation in a gradual process.





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