Top 10 Largest Town In Anambra State

Top 10 Largest Town In Anambra State
September 27
19:23 2018

Want to know the ”Top 10 Biggest Towns In Anambra State”?, Anambra State is located in the Southern part of Nigeria. The State has passed through many tussles and political crisis in recent times. Created in August 1991 the capital is situated in Akwa where the governor of the state resides (The Government House). In this article we compiled a comprehensive list of top 10 largest town in Anambra, you can check it out below..


Before we unveil the list of top 10 biggest town in Anambra State, Lets know what a town is all about.

What Is A Town?

A town can simply be defined as a large space of land where human being settle and do their normal business. Town are larger that villages and smaller that cities. Since we have known what a town is all about let’s now give the List of Top 10 Largest town in Anambra State.

Top 10 Largest Town In Anambra State

1. Umuleri

The first on the list is Umuleri. Umuleri is an ancient town in Anambra State of Southeastern Nigeria. With an estimated population of 342,000.00 the people of Umueri town belong to an Igbo ethnic group. The town is located within the Anambra Valley, bordered by Anambra River (Omabala River) and Anam communities in the north, Nteje to the south, Aguleri and Nando in the east and Nsugbe in the western flank.

It was the oldest human settlement established by early Igbo founders. According to earliest scholars like GT Basdon “ it was part of the earliest human settlement, east of the Niger.”. This much was agreed by other Historians such as Prof Elizabeth Isichei who concurred that Anambra Valley was indeed the first area of human existence.

2. Ekwulobia

Ekwulobia is an Igbo speaking town in south eastern Nigeria. It is the fourth urban city in Anambra State, after Awka, Onitsha and Nnewi. It is the headquarters of the present Aguata local government and the headquarters of the old Aguata Local Government that comprised the present Aguata local government and Orumba North and South local government

Ekwulobia has Nine villages notably divided into two traditional division; Ezi and Ifite. The names of the villages are Umuchiana, Agba, Umuchi, Ula, Okpo, Eziagulu, Nkono, Abogwume and Ihuokpala. The villages under Ezi are Umuchiana, Umuchi, Okpo, Nkono, Abogwume and Ihuokpala and the villages under Ifite are Agba, Ula and Eziagulu.

Ekwulobia town houses the Anglican Cathedral called the Cathedral church of St.John Ekwulobia and a proposed Roman Catholic Cathedral Called the St.joseph`s pro-cathedral Ekwulobia. The town also houses a Central park,a large daily market,various primary,secondary and tertiary institutions,hotels and resorts,a prison,several hospitals and clinics notable among which include the General Hospital Ekwulobia etc.Ekwulobia is also known for its special masquerades called the “Achukwu” which displays especially during Christmas and easter celebration,special town events like new yam festival “iwa-ji” and at the burial of elderly/titled men.

3. Nkpor

The third on the is Nkpor, Nkpor is a town in Idemili North local government area of Anambra state, southeastern Nigeria. The town of Nkpor had an estimated population of 109,377 in 2007. It is attached to the much larger city of Onitsha to the west, Oze to the north west, Ogidi to the north, Umuoji to the north east and Obosi to the south. The name ‘Nkpor’ is derived from the adulteration of the Igbo word ‘nkpogha’ meaning ‘repositioning’.

4. Ogidi

The fourth on the list is Ogidi. Ogidi is an Igbo town, the headquarters of Idemili North Local Government area, Anambra State, Nigeria. It has an estimated population of 70,000 and has as its neighbours Abatete, Ṅkpọr, Ụmụnnachị, Ụmụoji, Ogbụnike and Ụmụdiọka. Ogidi is best known for its mid-July annual Nwafor Festival, an 11-day festival in July that takes place after cultivation of yams and included prayers for a good season. It usually starts on the first Friday of the month.

The town is the birthplace of Chinua Achebe. Other attractions include the famous Iyi-Enu Hospital and Aforigwe market.

5. Ebenebe

The fifth on our list is Ebenebe.  Ebenebe is a town in the Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. The town has an estimated population of 45,897 according to the 2006 Nigerian Census. Ebenebe is made up of seven villages, each of which contain hamlets.

Ebenebe is 25 km from Awka, the capital city of Anambra State. With climate and soil conditions that are favorable to farming, Ebenebe is one of the highest producers of agricultural commodities in the state of Anambra. Ebenebe was the capital of the Ezu Local Government Area during the regime of governor Samson Omeruah.

6. Igbo-Ukwu

Igbo-Ukwu  is a town in the Nigerian state of Anambra in the southeastern part of the country. The town comprises seven villages: Obiuno, Ngo, Akukwa, Umudege, Ezihu, Ezigbo and Etiti. Igbo-Ukwu is well known for three archaeological sites, where excavations have found bronze artifacts from a highly sophisticated bronze metal-working culture dating to 9th century AD, centuries before other known bronzes of the region. Igbo-Ukwu town has an estimated population of 79, 317 according to the 2006 Nigerian Census

7. Awka-Etiti

Awka-Etiti is the seventh on our list of top 10 largest town in Anambra State. Awka-Etiti, is a village-group and town comprising seven villages in Idemili South local government area of Anambra state, Nigeria. The seven villages of Awka-Etiti in order of age established include Nkolofia, Umunocha, Ejighinandu, Iruowelle, Umudunu, Nnaba and Ogunzele.  The current population of Awka-Etiti is unknown but as of 2005 Awka-Etiti was placed at the population of 35,000 citizens.

8. Okija

  Okija is the largest town in Ihiala LGA of Anambra State in Southeast Nigeria. The town is the oldest of all the towns in Ihiala local government area, and one of the biggest towns in Igboland. The people of Okija are predominantly Christians. Okija is the home to Madonna University and Legacy University. Bordered in the east by Ihembosi and Ukpor cities, within the west by olu or Ogbakubara, within the north by Ozubulu and within the south by Ihiala. In Okija, the Ulasi River on its flow to the Atlantic, joins Okposi river one of its tributaries.

9. Oko

Oko is a town in south eastern Nigeria. It is one of the 16 major towns that make up the geo-political area called Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra state. Oko has five villages commonly referred to as EBENESE, and forty-five wards known as Umunna. The names of the villages are Ezioko, Eziabor, Okeani, Ihengwu and Ifite. Oko is regarded as a citadel of learning due to the early embrace of western educations and establishment of first Polytechnic in the old Anambra (present Anambra, Enugu and part of Ebonyi) State in the town. It is also widely recognized because of its erosion site which has baffled geologists for many years and records have it that it is supposedly deeper than the Grand Canyon.

10. Abagana

The 10th on our list of top 10 largest town in Anambra State is Abagana. Abagana is a town in Nigeria. It is the headquarters of Njikoka Local Government Area Anambra State and lies approximately 20 kilometers from Onitsha along the old Enugu-Onitsha Trunk A Road that divides the town into two halves.

Abagana town has a landmass of approximately 9.2 square kilometers and is bounded in the north by Abba, Ukpo, and Enugu Agidi towns, in the South by Nimo and Eziowelle towns, in the East by Enugwu Ukwu town and in the west by Umunnachi and Ifitedunu towns.


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