Mozilla Launches Firefox Reality 1.0 Browser for Virtual Reality Browsing experience

Mozilla Launches Firefox Reality 1.0 Browser for Virtual Reality Browsing experience
September 20
06:31 2018

Technology is advancing really fast and while a lot people may think Chrome is the best best browser, Mozilla has upgraded it browsing experience by releasing the Firefox Reality 1.0 browser which is the first edition of it’s Virtual Reality Browser, a web browser that can be used inside a VR (Virtual Reality) headset to give you a complete real world experience while browsing. While Chrome and other browsers may have added WebVR support, Firefox reality is a browser built entirely for the purpose of VR browsing. With this powerful new browser, you can You can visit websites, use search engines, browse the 2D and 3D internet within the new browser all without moving a mouse, just your VR hand controller.

You can equally use voice control although virtual keyboard inputs are still an option, but for me, I believe the voice typing feature is a much faster and better solution to the hassle of typing one key at a time in VR. As soon as you wear your Virtual Reality headset, typing becomes difficult especially for those who are not really good with using the keyboard. The web browser geared for three virtual-reality headsets, the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Google Daydream although it can also be tweaked to work for other Virtual Reality products as well.

Mozilla has put in a great deal of effort in developing the Firefox Reality to enable users enjoy complete real-life like browsing experience. Google Chrome dominates on smartphones and PCs but Mozilla hopes to dominate the VR world with this innovation, I won’t be surprised to see Google, Microsoft and Apple building browsers for Virtual Reality to compete with the Firefox Reality.. It is a good thing that Virtual Reality headsets are not only used for watching videos and playing games but can also be used for browsing and using search engines. Who knows where technology will take us from here.

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