Is Canada Post on Strike Right Now

Is Canada Post on Strike Right Now
September 13
18:40 2018

Canadian post is about to go strike by the end of this  month and this is already creating fears and on people.


According to The nation’s official mail service announced today that its workers could be going on strike or experience a lockout since their contract is up for renewal. If they do, it will have a huge impact on Canadians.

If this whole Canada Post strike situation seems like deja vu, it’s because we went through this same thing two years ago. In August 2016, Canada Post was hours away from striking before a deal was eventually reached, but the looming strike had a lot of people worried about what would happen.

Among those most worried were actually business owners who depended on the mail service to ship their goods to customers. On an Amazon forum, one seller wondered if they would have to temporarily close their shop down during the strike. Surprisingly the most popular answer was that they would.

Will Amazon Stop Selling Once Canadian Post Go On Strike

As it turns out, according to sellers on the forum, despite a strike Amazon still expects its sellers to meet delivery standards and will not remove any negative reviews the shop gets because of the strike. This leaves sellers with two options, either put their shop in vacation mode or switch to a different albeit sometimes more expensive courier.

Amazon sellers weren’t the only ones worried. On a Reddit post, a Canadian small business owner was really worried about the strike since having to change to another delivery service, such as Puralator, would double their shipping costs, reducing their profits basically to zero. Another Canadian business owner expressed similar concerns, saying that any other service was way too expensive to even consider.

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