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Cute Old School Dressing Styles For Male And Female In Nigeria


Cute Old School Dressing Styles For Male And Female In Nigeria

Old school!! Old school wears for our ladies and gentle men, these where trending styles of dressing in the early 70s and 80s when our parents where on the front line fashion trend,Old school fashion is a combination of oversize clothes and  Wearing a denim jacket with simple t-shirt and black denim with perfect matching shoes make you appear perfect in old school look.


But these days who want to rock old fashion way, it will interest you to know that many gentlemen and ladies these days are already fans to these epic style of dressing especially our musicians and movie actors and actresses.

Like every thing in life, fashion has evolved, is evolving and revolving will still evolve. New angles are added to the old stuff to make them look for fashionable and to aid keeping up with the times. What the women wore during the 80s and 90s is still in fashion today. Especially the native attires. The fashion industry calls them the “vintage” wears. Here are some images that prove my points.

Top 10  Old School Dress Code For Ladies And Male In Nigeria

This our fathers and Papas  The Young Men Gang

Uncles and  our fathers and Papas

Yoruba Ashoke was not left out in those days, they had their unique styles too.

Fela Boss And Aunt Stove

The boss

Young Bobo

Are they cute and trendy?, that’s for now our list of Old school dress code you can rock as a man or women in the 21st century although all this dresses where fashionable clothes worn in late 70s and 80s but one can still revive their look and styles and still make it look unique enough to match dresses worn in this present generation, one thing about fashion is trend anything can become trendy.

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