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How To Use Dudu Osun Black Soap On Face


How To Use Dudu Osun Black Soap On Face

Dudu Osun soap is an organic soap that is quite popular in West Africa. It is one of the best known skin care products of African origin. Made from all-natural ingredients, mostly herbs, Dudu Osun is believed to help with a variety of beauty problems. Its formulation suits the typical African skin cos its made from african roots and shrubs. However, as regards toning the skin, its a sure no! It cant tone the skin, other than help maintain it, brighten it and keep free from harmful radioactive/ultraviolet rays of the sun or weather as the case may be.


Dudu Osun black soap is considered to be the holy grail of African beauty products. the soap helps to get rid of acne, smooth out the skin, get rid of irritation and dryness, and, most importantly, lighten the skin.

How To Use Dudu Osun Black Soap On Face

There are ways to use Dudu Osun Black Soap to prevent it from drying out skin and to give you the desired result you need.

Wash Your Face Last

Watch Your Face Last

If you only use it on your face and not on your body, always make sure to wash your face last. This will help reduce the time between wash and getting to a moisturizer. After use, gently rinse your face, make sure all soap residue is off your face and body. Black Soap will leave the texture of your face feeling super clean to the touch.

Dab Your Face With Clean Towel

Dab Your Face With Clean Towel

Once all residue is off, dab your face with a clean towel, make sure not to wipe off all the water. Keep your face damp because you will then use a good moisturizer to lock in some of the moisture from the excess water.

Apply Honey Mask

Apply Honey Mask

When you use black soap to wash your face,  follow up with a honey mask. apply raw organic honey over a slightly damp face and allow it sit for about 15 minutes, then rinse it off.

Dab your face gently with a clean cloth while still making sure you do not wipe off all the water completely. The goal is to keep your face slightly damp before adding your moisturizer.

Apply Vitamin E Oil

Apply Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil is an awesome moisturizer. When you get the oil, the good stuff will be very thick and not thin or watery. It is quite heavy so a thin layer should do if you wish you apply it during the day. If you need that extra moisture, a thicker portion can be applied at night. This obviously means you would need to restrict the use of your Black Soap for bedtime purposes only. Vitamin E Oil may not be a good alternative for those with oily skin. If your skin is oily, a cream moisturizer may be the way to go. Remember, all cream moisturizers are not created the same, some are richer and thicker than others. The thicker the better for dry skin.

List Of Things Used In Making Dudu Osun Black Soap

  • Cocoa pods
  • Plantain leaves
  • Palm fronds
  • Shea Butter (Ori)
  • Honey

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