New Tricycle Assembled In Nigeria That Carries 6 Passengers (See Price And Picture)


Assembled in Nigeria. You can now enter a “Keke” without getting wet. Carries 3/6 Passengers Electric Fan and Good Ventilation Reliable water cooled single cylinder 4stroke engine. Suitable for Rural and City Passenger and Cargo transport operations.

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In my opinion,  A black London taxi only licensed to carry 5 but this keke wants to carry 6? Design and licence for 2 passengers, make loads more. Make even more money.

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The Price according to this online users is close to N750K to N900K.



  1. Such good review.
    Lowly and pretty transport!45 minutes to assemble it took me three days, and then at a bike shop to check over., cost me $120 the front brake assembly to fit the mudguard had to be replaced and also the rear brake line was frayed. Told by the bike guy at local , it was rubbish. .. as the bike shops do. Their all rubbish all brands other their own. don’t believe them .BUT they all come the same place china (not a problem) I have no problems with trike bikes, they are go and buy one.Harry south coast nsw xx get someone to assemble it. good on you
    Information and instruction here: But your review amazing!


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