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Earthquake in Delhi Today Just Now


Earthquake in Delhi Today Just Now

Earthquake today in Delhi 2018 now – reports trending online just few hours of today Sunday 9th 2018 has it that a minor earth tremor was felt in India’s largest and most populated part of India’s capital.


According to the reports the  medium-intensity of the earthquake affected Haryana’s Jhajjar district ..

Jhajjar District

Jhajjar district is one of the 22 districts of Haryana state in northern India. Carved out of Rohtak district on 15 July 1997 and with its headquarters in Jhajjar, it lies 29 kilometres (18 mi) from Delhi and had developed into an important industrial center. Other towns in the district are Bahadurgarh and Badli and Beri. Bahadurgarh is the major city of the district & state. Bahadurgarh is also known and the only city in India which is bigger than its district Headquarter. Beri used to be a village fifty years ago.

The district occupies an area of 1,834 square kilometres (708 sq mi) and as of 2001 its population was 709,000. It has two industrial areas with over 3300 industries. Basic industries are ceramics, glass, chemicals, engineering, electrical and electronics. Bahadurgarh is the major Industrial area of the district with over 2800 medium size industries and 200 large-scale industries.

There are 3300 units representing a total investment of Rs. 40000 million. Major crops grown here are rice, wheat and maize. The total irrigated agricultural land area is about 670 square kilometres (260 sq mi).

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