[WIKI] Selection Of Incident Commanders Is Done By What


What Is An Incident Commander

An Incident Commander is a person incharge of responsible for an emergency, helping to develop incident objectives, assisting in managing all incident operations,application of resources and all what not in an incident situation.

How Do They Operate And Does The Selection

The role of incident commander may be assumed by senior or higher qualified officers upon their arrival or as the situation dictates. Even if subordinate positions are not assigned, the incident commander position will always be designated or assumed.

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The incident commander may, at their own discretion, assign individuals, who may be from the same agency or from assisting agencies, to subordinate or specific positions for the duration of the emergency.

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Levels And Categories Of An Incident Commander In Many Countries

  • Incident Commander – oversees all operations at the incident.
    • usually one of the first officers on scene.
    • assessment of the scene.
    • establish command as well as command centre.
    • request required resources.
    • initiates triage.
  • triage officer – oversees all patient assessment, tagging and movement to treatment areas
  • treatment officer – oversees all treatment and the treatment area
  • transportation officer – oversees all ambulance movement, priority, identity, and destination of patients.
  • staging officer – oversees all acquisition, release and distribution of resources.
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