People Burning Their NIKE Shoes & Shirts After The Company Booked Kaepernick To Lead Just Do Campaign (VIDEO)

People are destroying their Nikes after the company booked Colin Kaepernick to lead the latest ‘Just Do It’ campaign.


According to the report, the video was showing how people where seriously burning their NIKE shirts and shoes to protest the brand’s new campaign with Colin Kaepernick.

In the video, one of the protesters was seen saying” Ok Nike hope your are happy am burning my Nike shirts and Five pairs of shoes to protest over their choice of chosen the former basket ball star Colin Kaepernick.

Nike choose the activist to be part of their 3oth annual “Just Do It” campaign along with athletes like Serena Williams, Shaquem Griffin.

The Campaign will include the use of billboard, TV and ads the first of which the basketball star included on Twitter.


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