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Ritualists’ Den Discovered In Celle Nica, Lagos.. ‘Mad’ Woman’s Phone Called (Photos)



A ritualist dudgeon was discovered at Celle nica bustop along Lagos badagry express road, today, 27th of August 2018.


According to reports, a known mad woman make the place her abode as she perpetuate her evil act at night, a passerby who hint other resident on the development was said to be defecating close to the den when she heard the woman popularly known by resident as a mad woman making calls to her client to come and pick up parts of human body which was ready.

This call made resident storm the den only to discover that the woman was using an iphone 6 and had dollars and naira notes hidden under the den where human skull was recovered as the scene.

The police were quick to stop the mob from killing the woman and reportedly took her to the station with money and phone recovered as human skulls was left at the venue.

Other items recovered were cutlass, human clothes, human hair and her bed.

In a similar development at the same venue a man was accosted and items like knife, black soup, calabash and other things were found on him which made mob killed him at the spot.

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