Meet Kalaca SKull, The Man Who Has Half His Nose Cut Off & His Ears Just To Make His Face Look Like A Skeleton (Photos)

Meet Kalaca SKull, The Man Who Has Half His Nose Cut Off & His Ears Just To Make His Face Look Like A Skeleton (Photos)
August 28
23:37 2018

Tattoo artist Kalaca Skull, real name Eric Yeiner Hincapié Ramírez, has been undergoing extreme surgical procedures to make his face look like a skeleton for the last two years.

The 22-year-old says he had been fascinated by skulls ever since he was a child, but only started making his face look like a skeleton after his mother’s death because she did not approve of the extreme body modification.

During the painful procedures Kalaca had the lower half of his nose removed and most of his ear lobes cut off.

After splitting his tongue in half and tattooing it to a blue-grey colour, he then had large black eye-sockets tattooed around his eyes.

Large teeth and even the hollow space between the mandible and maxilla was then shaded in ink around his mouth.

He also shaved his hair into a mow-hawk style to show off his head tattoos.

Kalaca Skull was the first person in Colombia to voluntarily have his nose and ears mutilated, a decision that attracted both the attention of the media as well as a lot of criticism from the general public.

His Instagram account has pictures of him getting tattoos and posing with fans in the streets.

In other social media posts he poses with Colombian newspapers whilst smoking and shares meme comparing himself to ‘scary’ cartoon characters.

Kalaca admits his unusual appearance makes a lot of people uncomfortable and some even cross the street when they see him so they don’t have to pass him face-to-face.

He added: ‘I am a normal person who just happens to look a lot different than most other people.

‘It’s like a different way of thinking, of dressing, a different style of music. I just feel good the way I am.’

The man who wants his face to look like a SKULL: Colombian, 22, has half his nose cut off, ears mutilated and eyes tattooed to achieve skeletal image

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