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Lil Wayne – Best Rapper Alive Freestyle


Lil Wayne – Best Rapper Alive Freestyle MP3 DOWNLOAD

So Lil Wayne freestyled last night over his old song ‘Best Rapper Alive’ from the Carter 2

During this year’s “Lil Weezyana Fest” in New Orleans on August 25th, Lil Wayne spat a new freestyle over his “Best Rapper Alive” beat off Tha Carter II.

“I told my homie: ‘I know where to find him’; He said: ‘you late, we already got ’em; And by the way, it was an honor’; That made my day, I was so proud of him; I gave ’em something from my favorite designer, and a chihuahua”

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Now meet me outside
And you drove while your momma
Chopped in the tub and cousin
In there with her, I don’t know about the body
I pick up your hoe, she won’t (?)
I won’t (?)
My dope is an army, dope man consignment
Coke is the diet, I hope you applyin’
Niggas be snitches, bitches be lyin’
Niggas who snitches we throw to the lions
No testifyin’, you know that’s required
Screaming till you give your throat laryngitis
I told my homie “I know where to find him”
He said “you late, we already got em,'”
“And by the way, it was an honor’
That made my day, I was so proud of him
I gave em’ something from my favorite designer
And a chihuahua
What’s the occasion, don’t worry about it
Don’t fuck with the snakes, (?)
(?) my hair, these hoes is (?)
They leeching my wallet, my pulse and my body
I am the greatest, I am retired, up in the air
Like carbon monoxide, we in the buildin’
Started from outside, dick is the third eye
She got it cock eyed (Run with me)
We’ll do a threesome and she get so wet
It could be sea sick then niggas expect
Some times I lean you see i’m in Hi-Def
But while you’ll scream at me i’m Weezy F


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