Was Michael Jackson Chemically Castrated?

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Michael Jackson was “chemically castrated” by his father Joe to maintain his high-pitched voice, the late pop star’s controversial doctor has claimed.

Conrad Murray, 65, who spent two years in prison for involuntary manslaughter following Michael Jackson’s death in 2009, made the allegation in a taped statement published by website The Blast.


In the video, Murray called Joe Jackson, who died last month aged 89, “one of the worst fathers to his children in history”.

The cruelty, expressed by Michael, that he experienced at the hand of his father, particularly the bad treatment, and moreover the fact that he was chemically castrated to maintain his high-pitched voice, is beyond words,” said Murray.

“I knew and cared for Michael very well, and he told me of the many sufferings at the hands of his father that he encountered. It was dreadful, beyond imagination and words.

“I would not shed a single tear for the passing of this cruel and evil man,” he continued. “It is said only the good die young; I hope Joe Jackson finds redemption in hell.”

While Michael Jackson had publicly claimed Joe Jackson was emotionally and physically abusive, the star’s children Paris and Prince defended their grandfather in the wake of his death.

The “castration” theory over Jackson’s high-pitched voice has circulated for years, published in the 2011 book Michael Jackson: The Secret of a Voice, by French vascular surgeon Alain Branchereau.

In the book, Branchereau claimed Jackson may have been chemically castrated at age 12 while being treated for acne with the drug cyproterone, which blocks male hormone receptors.

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