Did XXXTentacion Fake His Death? Is He Really Alive – WATCH THIS VIDEO + PICTURES

Did XXXTentacion Fake His Death? Is He Really Alive – WATCH THIS VIDEO + PICTURES
June 19
06:50 2018

Is XXXTentacion Actually Alive Or Dead?

We earlier reported yesterday that the controversial American rapper, XXXTentacion was shot dead but controversies trails of the news.


After the news of XXXTentacion death got circulated online a video which was probably live streamed by the rapper himself surfaced on the instagram.

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In the video XXXTentacion was seen saying that he is still alive and that he heard about the news of his death but quickly tried to debunk it with the Video below.

While talking on a recent video XXXtentacion said he will fake his death one day and he has fulfilled his promise.

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This video actually has sparked another controversy if whether the rapper is actually dead or alive.

Still on XXXTenatacion Fake Death!! Here’s What A Twitter User Is Saying

Let’s argue. Is X’s “deathFake or not I mean if there was multiple gun shots wasn’t his car suppose to be damaged? &’ plus you can’t see X bleeding from the “gun shots “. Please prove me wrong. #xxxtentacion


VIDEO OF XXXTentacion Confirming He Still Alive

Is XXXTentaction Dead? Who Killed Him?

Tributes are pouring in for chart-topping rapper XXXTentacion, who was shot and killed during an apparent robbery on Monday in Broward County, Florida.

The 20-year-old rapper, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, was leaving a motorsports store shortly before 4 p.m. when two men in a dark colored SUV shot and killed him in an apparent robbery, said Keyla Concepción, Broward County sheriff department public information officer.

Broward County deputies are actively looking for the two men and asking anyone who witnessed the shooting to come forward, Concepción said.

The rapper, whose grim, often suicidal rhymes propelled him to the top of the US chart just months ago, was said to have had his second album debuted in March at the top of the Billboard charts.

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