It’s Difficult To Find Bras That Fits My Big Boobs – Instagram Slay Queen, Obianuju

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During an interview with Vanguard Newspaper, popular Instagram Queen with the username (@Obianujueo), opened up on the joy and pain are big breast gives her.
With over 90,000 followers on Instagram, unlike other slay queen who are using their big breast to seduce men, Obianuju doesn’t show off her boobs.
No cleavage revealing clothes.  She’s simple, innocent and decent.
She said; “One big problem of having big boobs is the attention you get. People keep staring and that could be very embarrassing. The other one is the backaches and the difficulty of wearing or getting bras that fit your boobs.
“Getting clothes that fit you properly without your blouse jumping out is another problem. Then, the weight of the boobs. You keep on having bra marks on your shoulders,” she added.
Discussing the good side of having big breast, Obianuju stated that you only feel blessed when you have learnt to fully love yourself the way you are
“You feel different from every other woman, like you are unique. You feel blessed. As for your relationship with men, it is almost always negative. Most of them come to you mainly because of the breast, so, it is difficult to tell who truly likes you,” she said.
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