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Electronic Voting Machine Arrives Nigeria, To Be First Used In Kaduna – See How To Use It (Photos)


Electronic Voting Machine Arrives Nigeria, To Be First Used In Kaduna – See How To Use It (Photos)

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For the first time in the history of Nigeria, voters will now use electronic voting machines when they head to the their various polling unit.

The voters’ paper lists will also be a thing of past in most ridings, replaced by an electronic version called Electronic Voting Machine.

The Electronic Voting Machine will first be used in Kaduna elections to elect chairmen and councilors for the 23 local Government councils in the state.

When voters in the state arrive their polling units, they will not see any ballot paper. After accreditation, they will instead find an electronic voting machine that displays the logos of the political parties participating in the election.

By pressing the logo of their preferred political party, the voter registers a choice that is recorded and acknowledged by the machine. The process is conducive to fast counting of results and it shuts the door to ballot-stuffing.

Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) In Kaduna

How Electronic Voting Machine Works

The Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) is lightweight and easy to transport, as no unit weighs more than 10kg. With a battery life of 10-16 hours depending on conditions, it facilitates an automated process that cuts out bank and void votes and ensures quick counting of results.

Each EVM has transparent windows, a touch screen on which political party logos are displayed, and green and red buttons for voters to press to affirm their choice or to cancel.

Testing Electronic Voting Machine Kaduna For LG Elections

The Electronic Voting Process:

1. Voter presents PVC to Election Officer

2. Voter credentials verified from register

3. Election Officer activates Electronic Voting Machine

4. Voter selects logo of candidate’s political party by pressing touch screen

5. Voter verifies or cancels selected party logo

6. Voter presses OK button to confirm choice.

7. EVM prints ballot receipt for voter, containing SIECOM logo and other details, including logo and name of party chosen, date and time of vote cast and the serial number of the EVM.

Countries That Use Electronic Voting

USA, Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Namibia and Philippines.

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