Checkout More Pictures Of Yellowstone Volcano Activity

Checkout More Pictures Of Yellowstone Volcano Activity

The  World’s largest active geyser, which sits on top of a massive active volcano, has erupted for the third time in the past six weeks. Here are all the latest updates live.


A third eruption has rocked the Yellowstone volcano at the National Park today, according to geologists.the eruption shook parts of the West Thumb Geyser Basin, marking the third reported eruption in six weeks.

While scientists have been unable to pinpoint the exact reasons behind this increased activity, they stress it’s not a sign that an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano—on which the park sits—is likely.

Poland told The Washington Post: “There is nothing to indicate that any sort of volcanic eruption is imminent.”

The most recent lava flow from this volcano occurred around 70,000 years ago and most geologists think that the chances of another eruption happening any time soon are extremely remote.

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