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JAMB 2018 UTME Questions & Answers Day 2 (10TH March 2018)

JAMB 2018 UTME Questions & Answers Day 2 (10TH March 2018)
March 10
14:01 2018

This are questions from the ongoing JAMB 2018 UTME examination 10th March (Day 2).. We will keep updating this page with more questions once all today’s exam is over.



1. What did vanessa thought Tayo would become upon graduation minister
c.vice chancellor
d.can’t remember

2. Why did Tayo and Miriam hide Miriam’s pregnancy for Kemi
a) Social reasons
b) cultural reasons
c) spiritual reasons
d) psychological reasons

She delivered a speech ad lib( they asked for the interpretation). Upon their breakup, christine still loved tayo because he was….
Tayos notion about the Britons was……., Vanessa left dakar for England because…..,After her mother’s death, Vanessa did not want to stay with her father because….., The wife was told to play the card with her husband (asking for interpretation)….



1. The sum of two numbers is 13 and there products is 40. find the numbers

2. if the probability that an event occurred is p and the probability that it didn’t occur is q. Relate the two and give what they result to.


Linear Inequalities
Number Bases
A.P & G.P


1. What is the minimum velocity required for a body to escape earth’s gravitational force ?

2. A body of mass 10kg hangs on a string and is pulled by another string making 50degrees with the horizontal, what is the vertical component?
Ans: 100SIN50


1 What is used to electroplate iron.

2. The residual constituents after the gasification of coke is….,

a.copper b.tin c.I don’t remember the rest

3. 0.5mole of a monoalkanoic acid weighs 44g, What is the formula of the acid?

Organic Chemistry
Oxidation & Reduction
Endothermic & Exothermic reaction


A) I High birth rate
II Early marriage
III High death rate
IV Emigration
Which of this causes overpopulation
Correct Answer : I and II

B) Who determins how and what to produce in a socialist economy

Correct Answer : Government


1. Which of the following is a discontinous variation.

a:) height

b:) sex

c:) eye color

d:) weight.

2. A diagram of the chloroplast was drawn, asked to locate the guard cells and the air spaces

3. A diagram of the kidney was drawn and the asked to locater the ureter and another organ like that.

4. A diagram  of a Monera was drawn and they asked why it differs from the eukaryotes from the diagram.

5. Sahel Savannah was mentioned and the asked the type of vegetation there

More coming…


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