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Day 3: JAMB 2018 UTME Questions & Answers 12TH March 2018

Day 3: JAMB 2018 UTME Questions & Answers 12TH March 2018
March 12
16:16 2018
Day 3: JAMB 2018 UTME Questions & Answers 12TH March 2018
This are questions from the ongoing JAMB 2018 UTME examination 12th March (Day 3).. We will keep updating this page with more questions once all today’s exam is over.


1. Who introduced operation feed the nation?
2. Why did Nigeria adopted federal system?
3. Which of the following is meant for continues economic growth In Africa a. ECOWAS b. NEPAD
4. What is Richard constitution major achievement
5. What is the reason for military intervention?
6. Dejure and defactor are—– of authority ? a. source b. types.
7. What is the function of military in Nigeria?
8. Heterogeneous is best for which type of party system a. single b. multiple



1. process of importing and exporting is known as……
2. which of the following is a self service: vending machine
3. communicating from superior to frontiers in organization is known as?
4. production is said to reach it final destination when it?……
5. maintaining of Warehouse is a function of?
6.what is the function of chamber of commerce
7.what is disadvantage of television advertising? prone to censorship
8. the future of money that make it possible to buy different type of production? Question so confusing
9. A type of document that make it possible for importer to make purchase from any manufacturer is know as?
10. there were calculation: netprofit, gross profit etc.


The passage was in Man and his environment
1. Major theme of the novel: racial segregation
2. Yusufs family is describe in the novel as——-
3. venessa agreed and left Nigeria because she feel that tayo : a. cheat b. betray


1. The he boy is sleeping ……….. his bed a. On b. in
the correct answer is IN MY BED

2. Fighting corruption is an Herculean task? ans: Difficult

More Coming…

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