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47 Itsekiri Names And Their Meaning


47 Itsekiri Names And Their Meaning

Name is a word or set of words by which a person or thing is known, addressed, or referred to. Therefore your name and its meaning greatly determine how life, people, environment, natural and the world at large will address you. In other words, a well defined NAME will not only effect an individual positively but will help to shape destiny. So also are NAMES given to us in our various dialect. Below are some names in Itsekiri and their meanings..


List Of 47 Itsekiri Names And Their Meaning

Alero — Female firstborn

Abidemi (Demi) – A child born before either the father or grandparents arrive

Aboyowa (Oyo) – Child that brought joy

Arenyeka (Yeka) — You cannot walk the universe

Besida (Besi) — As destiny dictates/decides

Dolor — Money

Ebeji — Twins

Orighomisan (Misan) — My head is good

Toritsefe (Tofe) — What God wants

Agbeyegbe — You do not live forever

Agboghoroma (Roma/Ogho) — You cannot buy a child with money

Asorkpinmi (Aso) — I am tired of criticism

Atigbinolaye (Atigbin) — Remember who helped you

Atigbioritse (Itse) — Remember God

Atsegbaghan (Aghan) — Give them help

Edema — Gentleman

Edemadiden (Diden/Edema) — Gentleman with light skin

Edemadudun (Dudun/Edema) — Gentleman with dark skin

Edematie (Edema) — Small gentleman

Mene — First

Ofoeghareno (Ofeno) — Our elders speak the words of wisdom

Ofortokun (Otokun) — Nobody listens to poor men

Okorodudun (Okoro/Dudun) — Black guy

Okorotie (Okotie) — Small guy

Omatseye (Tseye) — Child is life

Toghanranrose (Toghanro) — Our enemies’ plans have failed

Towuaghantse — You act the way you want

Ayirioritse (Ayiri) — You should praise God

Ayonuwe (Ayo) — The blessing of today

Babaludewa (Oludewa) — The reincarnation of Our Father

Ebieshuwa (Shuwa) — Family is fortune

Ebisanjuwa (Ebisan) — Family is more than fortune

Ereofooluwa (Ofoluwa / Oluwa ) — God’s word is fulfilling

Esigbone (Gbone) — The law of the people

Esijolomisan (Misan/Jolomi) — I am moving in the direction of prosperity

Eyimofe (Mofe) — This is what I want

Eyituoyo (Tuoyo) — This is enough to be happy

Ofeoritse (Ofe) — The gift from the Lord

Ofoluwafo (Ofo/Oluwa/Wafo) — God’s words

Ogungbemi (Ogbemi/Ogun) — Protected by the God of War

Ojobon (Obon) – Name for a child born on Market day

Oludewa (Olude) — Lord came back

Olumagin (Olu) — The king knows

Oritsemeyiwa (Meyiwa) — Brought by the Lord

Oritsemodupe (Dupe) — God I am grateful

Oritsemoyowa (Oyowa/Moyowa) — Joy from the Lord

Oritseretseoluwa (Sowa/Seoluwa) — God is my king

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