10 Whatsapp Rules For Nigerians

Here Are 10 Whatsapp Rules for Nigerians


This matter concerns the broadcast messages we share all the time.

1. check for the source: Punch, premium times, BBC, CNN, Guardian, Vanguard etc…

2. Does the picture/video correlate with the incident?�

3. Always confirm with a quick Google Search �

4. THINK HARD.. be logical: how can sharing a message charge your battery?? ���

5. God does not bless/condemn people for sharing or not sharing Whatsapp messages.�

6. The director of WhatsApp does not send useless messages like free upgrade, Logo changing to blue or making free WhatsApp calls. �

7. Nobody distributes 3Gig Browsing data by clicking a WhatsApp link. �

8. Don’t destroy a product by sharing fake news, eg., do not drink fanta because it can destroy your brain (Mirinda will gain from such news). �

9. Hausa/Fulani/ Boko Haram has poisoned all apples, Onions and tomatoes destined to arrive Lagos.. Do not eat/buy…. These are malicious messages that further divide us as a nation.

10. Share the right things to the right group.


David Chris is writer and a staff at Ngyab.com. He is also an internet guru who who loves reading and making new friends

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