Festival Goes Awry After An Elephant Killed Trainer And Attacks Worshipers During Rampage At Festival (Photos)

An angry elephant killing his trainer before goring several worshippers at an Indian festival. The chilling clip has emerged from Kerala, where an elephant ran amok, brutally attacking its mahout (trainer) and causing mayhem at the religious event.


The three-minute video begins calmly, showing elephants peacefully parading before crowds of hundreds of devotees.

But as the clip continues, one of the elephants appears to lose his cool and throws the four people riding him – including the trainer – to the ground.

As horrified onlookers begin to flee the grounds, the male bull starts hurling them about with his trunk and tusks like rag dolls.

The enraged elephant then tramples the helpless trainer, killing him.

Several men try to intervene, running up to the elephant while his huge trunk envelops his victim.

But instead of stopping, the terrifying beast charges towards them before dropping and kicking the men as they run out the way.

He then mauls anow unconscious man before picking him up again and tossing him even further, sending him crashing to the ground.

The horror continues as the elephant refuses to let up, shaking his body before violently throwing him to the floor.

As well as killing the trainer, several other people appear to have been injured in the brutal rampage.


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