Feroz Khan Family | Age | Wife | Son | Daughter | Father | Death Date | Biography

Feroz Khan Family | Age | Wife | Son | Daughter | Father | Death Date | Biography


Who is Feroz Khan?

Feroz Khan was an Indian actor, film editor, producer and director in the Hindi film industry. Feroz Khan was so popular for his flamboyant style, with cowboyish swagger, and cigar toting persona; this revolutionised the style quotient of the otherwise conventional “filmi” hero. He is known as the “Clint Eastwood of Bollywood” for introducing Western cowboy & dacoit style films.

Feroz Khan Wife Name

Feroz Khan married Sundari Khan in 1965, but divorced in 1985. They have two children, Laila Khan (born 1970), and Fardeen Khan (born 1974). Fardeen is married to Natasha Madhwani, daughter of former Bollywood actress Mumtaz.

Feroz Khan Death Date

Feroz Khan died on April 2009 at the age of 69. He died from lung cancer. During his illness he returned to rest at his farmhouse in Bangalore.

He was buried in Bangalore near to his mother’s grave at Hosur Road Shia Kabristan

Feroz Khan Father & Mother (His Early Life)

Faroz Khan was born on 25 September 1939 in Bangalore, India, to an Afghan immigrant. His father belonged to Tanoli Tribe of Pashtun ethnicity from Ghazni province of Afghanistan while his mother was of Persian background.

Khan was educated in Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bangalore and St. Germain High School, Bangalore. His brothers are Sanjay Khan (Abbas Khan), Shahrukh Shah Ali Khan, Semir Khan and Akbar Khan. His sisters are Khurshid Shahnavar and Dilshad Begum Sheikh, popularly known as Dilshad Bibi. After his schooling in Bangalore, he traveled to Mumbai where he made his debut as second lead in Didi in 1960.

Feroz Khan Family

Wife: Sundari Kha (1965 -1985)

Children: Laila Khan (born 1970), and Fardeen Khan

Relatives: Sanjay Khan (brother) – Akbar Khan (brother)


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