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10 Things To Do When You Are Bored At Home


10 Things To Do When You Are Bored At Home

When am bored staying at home atimes it is really not a good idea to stay at home  feeling lonely and eating your self to death if at all you have anything to eat haha!!. sometimes i feel like staying at home may be to help time fix some things i have not been able to do when am out.


But You know staying at home just for no single reason is really blind seeking a  blind man thing, one is that you can’t really feel relaxed and since you don’t have anybody to talk to it makes the whole idea very much complex and complicating too, you know we human beings are social animals when if you  don’t relate with people outside your shelve (Your House) it will even help the fucking devil to speak into your senses evil and unrealistic ideas that cannot help you but destroy you either.

So when you stay at home what do you normally do?

1 . Watch Porn: if agree to watching pornography online you get yourself another big problem beacuse is either you masturbate or end up in a brothel.Image result for what to do when you are bored at home

2. Sleep and roll on the Bed: You can sleep for like 8-10 hours and get tired of sleeping , sleeping can’t be a solution to your boredom the fact is it can’t really help in anyway.

3. Or do you cook, cooking can really be a good idea when one is bored staying at home, you use that time and opportunity to learn different cooking recipes or make fresh research on the latest food you can try your hands on.

So what exactly can one do when bored while staying at home.

Try This Few Things .

  • Attempt some intricate nail art.
  • Start a vinyl collection, if you haven’t already
  • Re-arrange all your books.
  • Get into origami.
  • Get into list-making.
  • Why not learn a piano lesson
  • Sew up your turn clothes
  • Try your hands on writing movies scripts, songs
  • Try New Recipes
  • Fix your broken tiles on your own
  • Read Your books

I saw this few things one can do at home and avoid boredom at home on Buzzfeed and i have tried some of it and it really helped me to always get focused even when am alone at home, with these few ideas you can help yourself stay and enjoy your whole day at home without been bored.

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