7 Guardians Of Tomb (2018) Full Movie Mp4 Download HD

7 Guardians Of Tomb (2018) Full Movie Mp4 Download HD


Storyline: An innocent discovery of a well-preserved mummified Emperor from 200 B.C. China unearths a two thousand-year-old nightmare, a secret that should have remained buried.

7 Guardians Of Tomb 2018 Full Cast

  1. Kelsey Grammer – Mason
  2. Bingbing Li Bingbing Li  – Jia
  3. Kellan Lutz Kellan Lutz – Jack Ridley
  4. Yasmin Kassim Yasmin Kassim – Lisa
  5. Stef Dawson Stef Dawson – Milly Piper
  6. Ryan Johnson Ryan Johnson  – Ethan
  7. Shane Jacobson Shane Jacobson – Gary
  8. Chloe Guy Chloe Guy – Little Girl
  9. Tim Draxl Tim Draxl  – Andrew
  10. Christine Milo Christine Milo – Emperor’s Courtier
  11. Victoria Liu Victoria Liu – Concubine
  12. Chun Wu Chun Wu – Luke
  13. Jason Chong Jason Chong – Chen Xhu
  14. Eva Liu Eva Liu – Yin
  15. Jip Panosot Jip Panosot – Imperial Concubine
  16. Kent Lee Kent Lee – Emperor’s Attendant #1
  17. Qianhua Chen Qianhua Chen – Young Jia
  18. Lawrence Mah Lawrence Mah – Wu Fu
  19. Bing Hamilton Bing Hamilton – Little Boy
  20. Warren Lee Warren Lee – Emperor

Movie Details

Runtime: 90 mins
Release Date: 23 Feb 2018
Starcast: Kelsey Grammer, Bingbing Li, Kellan Lutz
Director: Kimble Rendall
Genre: Action, Adventure

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