Checkout The Horrible Statue Of Ebony Reigns Made By A Sculptor Trending On Social Media (Photos)

The late dance hall songstress Ebony Reigns who died mysteriously in a car accident with a friend of hers(Franky Kuri) and a soldier(Vondee) who was said to be her bodyguard has left a very big blow on the cheeks of Ghanaians.


In other to remember the late songstress, many have been done, talking of shirts with printouts of Ebony’s picture featured infront and so on..

A sculptor in his way of remembering the late dance hall songstress(Ebony Reigns) decided to make a statue of her and we can’t just understand what the sculptor was really up to.

The horrible statue of the late Ebony Reigns seems to be setting fire on social media, since what the sculptor has done really deviates from the real face of the late dance hall songstress.

Check Out The Horrible Ebony Reigns Statue Below..


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