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When Was Zodwa Wabantu Born? Her Real Age



When Was Zodwa Wabantu Born? Her Real Age


Zodwa Wabantu is a popular South African dancer and singer who rose to fame by dancing and moving pant less publicly.

Zodwa claim to fame and  craft has seen her become one of the most popular and renowned dancers in the country.

Love her or hate her, she is definitely the lady of the moment on the entertainment spectrum. Although Zodwa is not an actress or television personality she remains one of the most popular people in South Africa. A lot of people didn’t know her name before she made an eye-catching entrance at this year’s edition of the annual horse race and fashion event. Know her more by reading the following 10 facts about her.

What people do frequently ask about her is her date of birth and real age.

When Was Zodwa Wabantu Born

Where does zodwa wabantu come from?, Zodowa Wabantu was born in Sowet, South Africa.

What is Zodowa Wabantu’s age, Zodowa is 32yrs old. She moved to Durban four years ago.  She was a collection agent at a debt collecting company but left the job after her socialite status took off.




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