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What Does Slay Mean On Social Media



What Does Slay Mean On Social Media.. Social media can be very confusing & annoying if you are not familiar with slangs you see there. Some of these words are regular words but have a different meaning on social media. The most widely used slangs or abbreviations on social media is ”Slay”.


And some people who are not familiar or want to know the real meaning of the word ”Slay” do ask questions like..

  • what does slay mean?
  • what does slay me mean?
  • what does the word slay mean?
  • what is the meaning of slay?

Ok. Here’s the meaning of slay?

What Does Slay Mean On Social Media

Slay: This is mostly used when it comes to ladies fashion – not exclusively – to describe someone looking dapper. To say someone killed it. Example: “You look beautiful, Slay queen”.

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