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How To Say I Love You In Ugandan,Swahili And Other African Languages



Looking for one of the most romantic places in this planet, Africa should undoubtedly click in your mind because this particular planet is blessed with it’s rich wildlife heritage.



Think about places like Zanzibar to the vineyards of Cape Town, from the sand dunes of Morocco to the endless game-filled plains of Kenya, there is magic in Africa that brings love to life. Knowing how to express that love is key, so in this article, we look at how to say “I love you” in a few of Africa’s most prominent languages. In this way, you can add a touch of authenticity to special moments with your loved one (whether it’s a whispered endearment or part of an elaborate marriage proposal).

Say i love you in Angola – Portuguese: Eu te amo

Botswana –  Setswana: Ke a go rata

English: I love you

Burkina Faso – French: Je t’aime

Mossi: Mam nong-a fo

Dyula: M’bi fê


French: Je t’aime

English: I love you

Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

French: Je t’aime


Arabic: Ana behibak (to a man), ana behibek (to a woman)


Amharic: Afekirahalehu (woman to man), afekirishalehu (man to woman)


French: Je t’aime

Fang: Ma dzing wa


English: I love you

Twi: Me pe wo


Swahili: Nakupenda

English: I love you


Sesotho: Ke a go rata

English: I love you


Arabic: Ana behibak (to a man), ana behibek (to a woman)


Malagasy: Tiako ianao

French: Je t’aime

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