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How To Play Deal Or No Deal Nigeria Online 2018



How To Play Deal Or No Deal Nigeria Online

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how to participate in deal or no deal.. See more details below

Deal or No Deal Nigeria is the Nigerian adaptation of the international game show format Deal or No Deal. It airs on M-Net Africa on Saturdays at 18:00. The first series started on July 7, 2007, and is scheduled to finish on December 29, 2007. One-time Football player and TV presenter John Fashanu is the host. As in many other versions, models hold 26 cases, with values going up to US$100,000.

How To Play Deal Or No Deal Nigeria 2018

Playing Deal or No Deal Nigeria is not as difficult as you think, with just few things in mind you are good to go.

1. Once you’re on the show, the actual actions you take are quite simple. First, choose your own case. It doesn’t matter which one.


2. Choose cases to open. Remember, which cases you choose doesn’t matter; you’re just as likely to do well whether you choose in order (e.g. 1, 2, 3…) or at random (e.g. 24, 7, 16…).


3. Choose “Deal” or “No Deal” once each round ends. This is the hard part, and is covered more extensively in the Tips section below.

The number of cases you have to open varies by round. From the time you pick your case to the time the deal/no deal button needs to be pressed, you’ll have to pick 6 cases. Each successive round there after, will require you to pick the past round’s amount minus one (in round 2, you’ll have to pick 5 cases instead of 6, and 4 cases in round 3, 3 cases in round 4, 2 cases in round 5, and 1 case until all other cases but one are shown onstage. After a no deal decision has been reached, you’ll be able to switch cases if you’d like.

NOTE: Deal Or No Deal Nigeria Application Form 2018 is not yet on sale, Please ignore any advert or information which says it’s on sale, We Will immediately update it here once Deal or No Deal Form is out

Deal Or No Deal Nigeria Tips

The crowd will pretty much always tell you to say “No Deal”. Don’t cave in to the pressure; they’re only saying it because it’s not their money on the line, so they can afford to “risk” it.

Don’t fall into the trap of being irrationally convinced that your case contains the million dollars (or the largest value on the board). In reality, it probably doesn’t. Again, it should be obvious, but players often make this mistake, rationalizing in order to make themselves feel better about their choices.

Keep your personal financial situation in mind while playing. If you’re going through hard times, it’s tempting to take big risks for big money, when settling for a moderate sum could be more practical.

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