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Meet Wealthy Widow, Gweneth Lee Who Have Slept With Over 100 Men (Photos)



A wealthy widow, who has claimed to have had affairs with more than 100 men, has revealed she is splitting her time with three married suitors in the lead up to Valentine’s Day – but will be spending February 14 alone. Gweneth Lee, 47, says she is having flings with an international jeweller, a high-flying stockbroker and a powerful banker at the same time – and claims unfaithful husbands spend more on valentines gifts for their mistress than they do their spouses.



The former model will spend different nights with all three over the next two weeks in the build-up to the most romantic day of the year. But she will be all alone on February 14th because her three lovers will be with their wives.

Business consultant Ms Lee of Chelsea, West London, said: ” Valentine’s is the best time of year to be a mistress because you are lavished with sex and presents.

“Married men may make a fuss of their wives on February 14th but they spend a lot more money on their mistresses.

“In my experience the gift to the mistress tends to cost double whatever they give to the wife, and it is far sexier.

“I’ve been a wife on Valentine’s Day, when I was married to my late oil executive husband, and all I can say is that being a mistress is a lot more fun.”

All three of Ms Lee’s lovers are aware that she is seeing them on a ‘non-exclusive’ basis and that they will be sharing her with other married men in the run-up to Valentine’s.

Ms Lee added; ””The sad truth is that monogamy is unnatural. Who decided that it was good idea to commit to one person in your 20s or 30s and then stay with them for the next 50 years? Where is the fun in that? Inevitably the sex is going to go stale.

“Go out on Valentine’s night and you will see thousands of couples staring at each other vacantly over dinner. They have very little in common, sex has become a routine and they have stayed together for the sake of the kids or because it is too expensive to divorce.”

The first of her three current ‘suitors’ is an international jeweller.

The second suitor, a high flying stockbroker, is in his 40s and lives with his wife and three children

Ms Lee’s third man in a powerful banker, who she describes as the ‘kinkiest’ of the lot.

Culled from Mirror Online

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