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Meet Tokkida Semlek, The Man Who Refunded N800k Paid To His GTBank Account By Mistake (Photos)



Well, good people still exists.
A man named Tokkida Semlek shared a very inviting news on Monday 29th January about a huge money which was transferred to his account mistakenly.


To be precise the amount transferred to his account was 800 thousand naira which is a very huge amount of money.

And despite the fact that his weeding is few weeks to go, he wasn’t tempted to claim the money, instead he refunded the money back.

We need this type of people in Nigeria to lead us.

See photos below.

Yes,they are still Men of Integrity!

I want to use this medium to celebrate my own personal guy Tokkida Semlek for returning #800k mistakely paid into your account mistakenly yesterday.

Even when you needed money so bad for your upcoming wedding coming up soon..

God bless your integrity in the secret place and proving that Nigerians are still honest.. You know 12 days ago,I asked same question here and some folks said that they will move the money to another account..lolz


I decree the remaining financial issues surrounding your upcoming wedding because of this ;you will receive miraculous financial support and positive surprises..

God is on your side..

Please join me and celebrate Tokkida Semlek for me


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