For the past few weeks across the world, sex dolls have been trending and different issues arising on the man-made replacement for omen in the society. Now, a photo of a man and his sex doll has gone viral as they were both spotted smoking marijuana.


It seems like the sex dolls are set to take over as aside from taking charge in the bedroom they are now having romantic relationships with humans and experts believe in the near future some men will even go as far as making them their wives.

It is even reported that a sex doll just had an account with the popular photo sharing App, Instagram and in a matter of minutes, social media users began to flood to the page and follow the inanimate object.

The sex doll, which goes by the name Honey, has photos of itself and its owners on the Instagram account. And they are always pictured together having fun as though they are real lovers.

Honey’s photos range from photos of her alone in suggestive positions to photos of her with her boyfriend Casey cuddling and doing other stuff. They ere even pictured together smoking marijuana.

Honey is something of a Slayqueen with the way she changes clothes and wigs with the help of her boyfriend. Casey even applies makeup for her and takes her to the pool and the bathroom.

Sex dolls are quite expensive, at least when the value of the item is converted into the Nigerian currency. Some go even as high as N800,000 and there has been a debate whether average guys will be able to afford the pleasuring item.

Nollywood actress, Maryam Charles even mentioned that broke guys are also joining other rich Nigerian to advocate for the acceptance of sex dolls in the society.

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