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How To Make Blood Money In Nigeria



How To Make Blood Money In Nigeria


Below are questions many Nigerians who are desperate about making money do ask online. Making blood money in Nigeria is not as easy as you may think because it requires human soul sacrifice and one may not meet up with conditions given to him

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Juju or black magic used to be very potent in Nigeria especially in the 70s and 80s. Juju comes from the traditional African religion popularly known as voodoo. Juju practitioners in the traditional African religion are extremists just like the terrorists in Islam although their modes of operation are quite different. The terrorists in Islam attack physically while in Juju the mode of operation is spiritually. Juju includes blood money and spiritual attacks.

Some wicked men used to sacrifice the souls of their wives and children just to make money. Some used to sacrifice their friends, siblings, and even their parents just to make money. these people were killed mostly spiritually and their blood converted into money.

The money they say keeps coming as long as you continue to perform human sacrifice. many rich people in Nigeria today are at times accused of using blood money. Some people go in for Juju just for protection and sometimes for fame. Another form of Juju is witchcraft which is believed to be the lowest rank in terms of Juju powers. You could kill your enemies with juju or you could make their lives miserable with Juju. with Juju, you do not attack the person physically hence the law cannot punish you.

These days because of Christianity, Islam, etc. most people don’t believe in Juju powers. Juju is very popular in Benin(the motherland of voodoo) and also Haiti. Not just Africans. Even some Native Americans such as the Cherokees and the Apaches believe in Juju powers.

Some people believe such powers do not exist but that is a huge mistake. We could just pray without watching if there were no dark powers around us but the Bible said “Watch and Pray”. If God is light then there must be darkness. I personally do believe dark powers exist although those are powerless before God most high. The fact that they are powerless before God Almighty does not mean they cannot harm mortal men.

Although juju may sound strange to some people, voodoo is part of our(African) culture and traditions. In other words, Africans cannot throw away voodoo. voodoo is part of Africa. The difference between Juju and voodoo(the traditional African religion) is that, the traditional African religion or voodoo mostly helps people unlike Juju which mostly harms people.

Voodoo practitioners are mostly herbalists and wise men who use combination of herbs, barks of trees, etc. to cure diseases. Some get the knowledge from the ancestral spirits and the lesser gods they worship. Juju performers on the other hand use strange objects like the skull of dead animals, human skulls, etc to perform juju powers which mostly harms people. In some situations when they(juju practitioners) know they cannot help, instead of telling people straight away, they demand for even more insane items like the front tooth of a herbivorous lion, the sperm of a dinosaur, etc which are impossible to find.

I learned recently that Juju is on the rise in Nigeria because many people want to become rich and escape the poverty trap. Those who perform juju for people or the overseers of Juju are mostly traditional worshippers like the voodoo worshippers in Benin, Haiti and Togo who worship ancestral spirits and lesser gods. That position is passed on from generation to generation. In other words, you take over from your late father if your late father was a Juju performer.

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