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List Of Business Ideas In Nigeria 2018 Both Online And Off-Line

Posted by on January 25th, 2018 Under Business

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List Of Business Ideas In Nigeria 2018 | Online Business In Nigeria 2018…

Want to know what business to start or do this 2018 that is lucrative and not only lucrative but can fetch huge amount of income, well this year have just begun and many fast fading away but it is still too unfortunate that many are still looking for how and what to start to earn big this year.


Below are List Of Few Business Ideas That On can start this year and expect much in return

As i  said in the beginning this business ideas are lucrative ones that can fetch huge amount of money into your account if you know how and what to do, you know one thing is to have this fire or desire to start up something but the other is how to and what to do to bring that idea to reality.many fail in business not because they didn’t start the business with enough cash but because they fail to know the dos and don’t needed to approach it, so what you need this year 2018 is business you know that you can do very well.


List Of Top Online Businesses in Nigeria (2018)

Digital Marketing. This is definitely going to be my number one online business in Nigeria.

Website Design.

Premium WordPress Theme/Plugins development.


Fiverr Affiliate.

Affiliate marketing.



Sell Products & Services (eCommerce)

Then Five Types of Online Business you can start

In this section, I am going to share with you 5 different types of online businesses that you can consider to start in the future.

Selling Physical Products: The most type of online business is selling physical products. For example, if you manufacture, you design, or you create handicraft, you can then sell these physical products through a website.


Shopping or eCommerce website:

You can start up this and you can put all your items online and when people come to your website, they can just payment. After you receive the payment, you can send them the product9s) that they have ordered. The disadvantages of selling physical products are that you have created your own products or buy these physical products from somewhere else before you can ship it to your customers.

Selling Digital Products:

What I mean by digital product are products like eBooks, online videos, audios or software. These are products that are not tangible. When people purchase it, they will receive link to download. So you don’t need to package and ship them out to your customers address. The advantage of this business model is that you do not need to create a physical product and ship them out to people who ordered for them. This business has low maintenance as compared to selling physical products.

Selling Services Online:

There is a website called Fiverr.com where you can find a lot of people offering their services to you for a small fee. For certain services, only $5 will do. So, If you do services like logo design, drawing of graphics, writing of articles, online marketing, video animation, and programming. You can offer these types of services online through this very popular platform called Fiverr. Simple go to Fiverr and list your services.

Selling Other People’s Products or Services:

This is a very common type of online business. Here instead of selling your products or service, you are selling other people’s products or services. This is commonly called affiliate marketing. How is works is that, if I am an affiliate, I don’t need to have my own products, I don’t need to provide my own services, All I need is to go online and search for other peoples products or services and become their affiliate to promote their product. Take for example, if you go to Amazon, you can see that amazon offer a program called Amazon Associates. If you join the associate program, you will get affiliate link from Amazon. So, then you can to promote any Amazon product. You can send your affiliate links to your friends and it your friends click on your affiliate links and go to Amazon and purchase any product from Amazon, you earn a commission of the sales. That’s how it works. The grate advantage of affiliate marketing is that you do not need to have any of your own product or services. All you need to do is to join an affiliate program and you are good to go. Make sure that affiliate program have a lot of good products for you to promote.

Selling Advertising Space:

If you have a popular website, a blog or you have a popular newsletter, you sell an advertisement space to companies or to small businesses to help them to advertise their products or services. Of course, the disadvantage of this is that for many beginners who do not have a popular website or a popular newsletter, this will take a lot of time to build it up.


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Posted by on January 25, 2018.

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