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List Of 40 Army Barracks In Nigeria



When talk about Barracks we mean a place or a building  where military personnel or soldiers live, like in Nigeria today Dodan Barracks is a military barracks occupying a large area located off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. Dodan Barracks was the residence of the heads of state of various Military Governments in Nigeria, and also the Supreme Military Headquarters from 1966 until the move to Abuja in 1991.


The main object of barracks is to separate soldiers from the civilian population and reinforce discipline, training, and esprit de corps. They have been called “discipline factories for soldiers”

So today we will be listing out  40 Most popular Military barracks in Nigeria today and their locations.

List Of 40 Military Barracks In Nigeria

1. Keffi Barracks
2. Okitipupa Barracks
3. Calabar Barracks (Cross River)
4. Onitsha Barracks
5. Lafenwa Barracks (Abeokuta)
6. Ekenwan Barracks (Benin)
7. Makurdi Barracks (Benue State)
8. Abakpa Barracks (Enugu)
9. Awkunanu Barracks(Enugu)
10. Ikeja Barracks (Lagos)
11. Ojo Barracks (Lagos)
12. Rukuba Barracks (Jos)
13. Odogbo Barracks (Ibadan)
14. Bori Camp (Bori, Rivers State)
15. Abalti Barracks
16. Dodan Barracks
17. Arakan Barracks
18. Tego Barracks
19. Beho Beho Barracks
20. Marda Barracks
21. Ashanti Barracks (Lagos State)
22. Letmauk Barracks (Ibadan)
23. Bukavu Barracks (Kano)
25. Kotoko Barracks
24. Dalet Barracks
25. Mogadishu Barracks
26. Colito Barracks
27. Kalapanzin Barracks (Kaduna)
28. Chindit Barracks (Zaria)
29. Ribadu Cantonment (Kaduna State)
30. Adaka Boro Barracks (Elele, Rivers State)
31. Giwa and Maimalari Barracks (Borno)
32. Fort Nagwamatse (Kontagora, Niger State)
33. Obienu Barracks (Bauchi, Bauchi State)
34. Ejoor Barracks (Effurun/Warri, Delta State)
35. Camp Wu Bassey Barracks
36. Fort IBB
37. Sani Abacha Barracks
38. Yakubu Gowon Barracks
39. Aguiyi-Ironsi Barracks
40. Gado Nasko Barracks (Abuja)

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