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I Join IPOB In Condemning BBC & CNN For.. – Fani Kayode



Former Aviation Minsiter Femi Fanii Kayode says he sides the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) in condemning CNN, BBC Aljezeera for not saying anything about the genocide and ethnic cleansing that the Fulani Herdsmen has unleashed on Nigerians.


In his words... I join IPOB in condemning CNN, BBCWorld and AJEnglish for turning a blind eye to the genocide and ethnic cleansing that the Fulani terrorists and herdsmen have unleashed on Nigerians.Do Nigerian lives not matter? Is Nigerian blood not red? Are we not human beings too? Shame!

Yesterday it was Benue today it is Taraba. The Fulani terrorists are indulging in a bloodfest of gargantuan proportions whilst the Buhari govt. openly encourages and protects them and attempts to rationalise their genocidal slaughter and mass murder. Time to defend ourselves!

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