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Graphic Photos Of Hundreds Of Fulani Men Killed In Taraba In Nov 2017



Timothy Ifeanyi Ikeji wrote: This was the burial of Fulani victims of violent killings in Taraba state in November 2017, Nobody shed tears for their wives, children, mothers, elderly ones among them wickedly slaughtered in their sleep, Nobody was disappointed in Mr Presidents slow response, Nobody wrote long Epistles, Nobody was disappointed in Nigeria, No nobody lamented at the insecurity of lives and properties of their fellow country men and women,Nobody threatened War, Nobody pointed accusing fingers,Nobody wailed ceaselessly. Till date Nobody asked for investigations to unravel the cold blooded killers,Nigerians check your Conscience, even the Devil is ashamed at the height of your HYPOCRISY.


My take: I am not a fan of the herdsmen neither do I support their actions especially their readiness to kill at the slightest provocation. But we are all Nigerians and our lives matter. Lets be united. Stop politics for a moment and reflect on the way forward. No one should die carelessly and lets stand up against evil. Let’s press on the government to be proactive and be seen as doing something serious about the many burning issues. Let’s save lives. We are Nigerians.


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